Chemical Application

At Munro's we offer and carry many chemical and application products to help our customers with weed and pest management. Our staff are highly trained in providing a cost effective and a conservative approach when determining and applying the right products for your farm.



We currently use top of the line equipment to efficiently service the needs of our customers. We are running a Case Patriot and an AGCO Rogator self -propelled sprayers, both equipped with Raven Operating systems. Both machines also come with narrow and flotation tires for pre and post emergence applications along with highly trained and experience operators.


Our team of advisors have a large variety of products to choose from when fighting weeds and unwanted pest in your fields. We carry a diverse selection of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar products to suit your needs.

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Before making any recommendations to your fields, our CCA’s will scout fields and farms for any signs of disease and problem areas that may arise in the future. We take a proactive method in using the right products that will result in a successful pest management plan.

Pesticide management is an important part in successfully achieving a high yielding and healthy crop. Our commitment to providing you with weed free crops doesn’t just end there. At Munro’s, all of our custom operators are fully licensed and tentatively trained . We take great pride in being environmentally friendly and will always take great precautions when working in your fields.

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