Fertilizer Application

We offer a wide variety of fertilizer services within our facility ranging from custom applications, spreader rentals, bulk deliveries, and most importantly, custom fertilizer programs. We specifically design fertility programs for each field ranging from broadcast spreading, starter, and in season top dress with fixed and variable rate application.

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We use industry leading machines to spread and apply fertilizer for multiple scenarios. Currently we are running two AGCO Airmax machines with 70 feet of boom width. Also our Rogator has the capabilities of converting from a sprayer unit to a spinner box for broadcast and top dress with fixed and variable application.


With over 25 pull-type spreaders available, we are able to rent, deliver and bulk dump into our spreaders straight to the field to keep the spreaders moving during the busy seasons. Our spreaders range from 5, 6, 8 ton capacity along with multiple narrow tracks for between the row use.


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We carry a wide range of granular and liquid fertilizers that will meet your soil nutrient needs. We are able to determine the right fertility program based on yield goals, soil samples, and crop rotation. The following will briefly describe each product we supply, but for more information, please click on the following link to get a better understand of fertilizer and their benefits for you soils. https://www.cropnutrition.com/efficient-fertilizer-use-guide

Munro Agromart is a proud distributor of Mosaic Fertilizer. Mosaic is dependable, innovative, and technologically advance company who provides us with specialty granular fertilizers which provide both macro and micro nutrients.

Mesz- Patented fusion technology has blended nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a dingle source for balance crop nutrition along with sulfur availability throughout the entire growing season.

Aspire- Combines two forms of potassium and boron into one powerful granule for uniform nutrient availability and distribution for season-long availability. This product is designed for strong root development along with nutrient uptake during pollination, which is proven to increase yields and soil conditions.

K-mag- A potassium fertilizer also containing magnesium and sulfur, which offers excellent uniformity of particle size along with a neutral pH which does not contribute to additional soil acidity.

Fertilizer is a crucial element to produce a strong and healthy crop. Farmers who are seeking high-yielding results in their crops need maximize their crop inputs in the most economical and sustainable manner, and our team is here to help. Munro Agromart employee’s truly invest their time to enhance their skills and knowledge by attending workshops and seminars to be able to provide the best agronomic advice they possibly can.