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Munro Agromart was founded in 1977 by Bruce and Rhona Munro opening a Farm Supply store to serve our local farmers by selling seed, fertilizer and feed. Over the years, Bruce successfully expanded his business by constructing more buildings, hiring employees, and putting up grain bins and dryers.

In 1981, the fertilizer plant was built, grain storage and dryers were growing and our business began to thrive and become a local landmark and brand in our community.

In 1983 we again increased our drying capacity, installed an aspiration system and purchased the first field sprayer.

1984 we entered the NH3 market by constructing a pumping station and purchasing 12 NH3 nurse tanks.

From 1985-1995 Munro Agromart kept growing and expanding their business and partners by adding more application equipment to their fleet like a John Deere 6000 sprayer and tandem feed truck. We also heavily invested in our fertilizer plant and increased capacity in order to keep up with the growing demand.

In recent years, due to retirement from Munro Agromart, Rhona Munro left the business followed by Bruce a few years later in 2016. Bruce and Rhona dedicated many years of hard work and perseverance into making Munro Agromart the success it is today. Not only did they strive to become a dominant competitor in the agricultural industry in Glengarry, but they also gave back and helped the community in every way they possibly could. They strongly believed the act of giving back to their community and helping those in need, which is still being implemented with Munro Agromart to this day.

But as the years move on and markets and trends change, so did our business. In 2017, a decision was made by our new managers to exit the grain handling and marketing business to better focus our skills on crop inputs, agronomy consulting and precision ag. Our current partners Doug, Dan and Alex strive to continue to preserve the positive impact Bruce and Rhona left in our community.

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