Lime Application

Munro Agromart offers lime sales and custom application. Lime application offers many benefits including increasing soil health, balancing pH, and adding micro nutrients to improve fertility. Listed below are 3 products we are proud to work with, supplied by Agro-100.

Catalis Lime is a new and highly recommended product with many great benefits for your soil fertility. With very rich sources of Calcium and Sulphur imbedded in the product, the results of proper application provides strong root establishment and enhances the value of fertilizers.

This fast acting product provides immediate inputs of sulphur and calcium into your soil which are both essential nutrients for plant growth as well as very beneficial for highly acidic soils.

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ProKa lime has many nutrients built to the product, designed to correct the pH level of your soil and enrich the soil by 4% potassium sulphate which is proven to produce higher yields. Other nutrients involved are calcium and magnesium.

This lime provides immediate impact to balance the pH, provides many nutrients viable to healthy growth, and targets all crops.

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KaLime is a product rich in calcium, potassium, sulphur and magnesium designed to correct pH levels along with enriching the soil with more than 6% potassium and yield optimization. This product is highly recommended when soil sampling reveals a potassium deficiency and unbalanced pH levels.

KaLime is a fast acting agent designed with moisture to aid in application which results which also targets all crops.

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